Mark Layborne
Mark Laybourne, a Bay Area native, started playing drums
and guitar at around the age of 10, and began singing around
10 years before that, so he’s been told. Though he sang and
played guitar from those early days, Mark played drums and
sang in bands up until around the age of 18 where the burning
desire to pick up the guitar and step away from the drums
won out. Along the way to this his first gigs were at pizza
parlors, house parties, garages, and back yards throughout
the East Bay and beyond, some actually paying real money,
most paid pizza and soda’s. At the age of 20 Mark began
playing guitar and singing professionally with many well-
known Northern California Bands including Southern Comfort,
Marty Martin, Caribou and The Desert Moon Band, to name
just a few. Caribou had the pleasure and honor of being the
opening musical act for the great Trace Atkins at the Luther
Burbank Center back in the early 2000’s.

Mark’s musical roots come from just about every kind of
music across-the-board. The newer ‘Rockin’ Country’ music
is especially well suited to Mark’s current likes, talent and

​As the newest member of The Desert Moon Band, Mark looks
forward to performing for our fans at every performance.
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